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Import Controlled Goods into Singapore

Import Controlled Goods into Singapore

Singapore has strict regulations when both importing and exporting goods. Products imported into the city-state are divided into several categories, depending on their provenience and are subject to different rules. However, no matter the type of products a Singapore company imports, an import permit is required for each of them. As any other country, Singapore has also established a special regime for certain products upon import. These goods are known as prohibited and controlled goods.

All companies importing controlled products into Singapore must apply for special licenses or permits with the competent authorities, depending on the imported goods. Our consultants can help you obtain these licenses and can also help you open a company in Singapore in the trading sector.

What are the controlled goods in Singapore?

The Singapore Customs Authorities have made available a list with the products that require additional or special verification upon import. Our experts in company registration in Singapore present the following list which includes controlled goods:

  • – animals and birds;
  • – meat;
  • vegetables and fruit;
  • – fish and seafood;
  • – firearms, explosives, bullet-proof clothing articles;
  • – toy guns;
  • – medicines;
  • – films, games, video tapes, DVDs;
  • – telecommunication and radio equipment.

Our company formation agents can obtain the full list with controlled goods requiring additional import permits for those interested in opening a company in Singapore as a trading company.

Import licenses for controlled products in Singapore

As mentioned above, each category of controlled goods is subject to various licensing requirements upon import into Singapore. These licenses are issued by the relevant authority. These are a few of the permits to be acquired when importing controlled products into Singapore:

  • – the import of controlled food products and animals requires special permits issued by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA);
  • – the import of small animals to be sold in pet shops requires a License to Import Domestic Birds, Table Eggs, Sheep and Goats with the AVA;
  • – the import of firearms requires an Arms and Explosives License issued by the Singapore Police;
  • – the import of film and other media articles requires a license issued by the Singapore Media Development Authority;
  • – the import of medical equipment and medicines requires a permit issued by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA);
  • – the import of telecom equipment requires a permit from the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA).

Also, all companies importing controlled goods into Singapore must apply for an IN permit in order to be able to trade their products in the city-state.

For complete information about the documents required to obtain special licenses for importing controlled products into Singapore and complete guidance in order to open a company in Singapore in this sector, please contact our company incorporation representatives.