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Copyrights and Patents in Singapore

Copyrights and Patents in Singapore

The intellectual property legislation in Singapore provides protection for all kind of intellectual work, including trademark which very important for companies that want to ensure the recognition of their products or services, copyrights which refers to the protection of literary work and even computer programs and patents which mainly apply in the industrial sector. Trademark and patent protection applications must be submitted with the correspondent department in the Singapore Intellectual Property Office (IPOS) and our team of specialists who can also help you open a company in Singapore.

Protection of copyrights in Singapore

Copyrights fall under the law with the same name in Singapore. The Copyright Act was first enabled in 1987 and last amended in 2006. The following categories of intellectual work are protected under the Singapore copyright legislation:

  • – artistic work, such as literary or musical and dramatic pieces;
  • – sound recordings;
  • – films;
  • – television programs;
  • – artists’ performances.

As mentioned above, Singapore companies may also have their computer programs protected under the copyrights law, as long as they are original. In order to have their copyrights recognized, one must swear before the Commissioner of Oaths in Singapore. Depending on the creation, copyright protection applies for the following periods of time:

  • – 70 years for literary, musical and dramatic works;
  • – 25 years for published works;
  • – 70 years for sound recordings and movies;
  • – 50 years for TV and other programs;
  • – 70 years for artistic performances.

Our company formation agents in Singapore can provide you with more information about the protection of computer programs in the case of businesses.

Protection of patents in Singapore

A patent is a product or a process in the technical field. Whether the inventor creates the product or the process from zero or simply adds a new thing to the product or process, their work can become a patent.

The patent can benefit from protection against the use, sale or even import by third parties without the inventor’s permission in Singapore. In order to benefit from patent protection, one must file a petition with IPOS. Patent protection in Singapore is granted for 20 years, provided that a yearly renewal fee is paid. In Singapore, patent protection applies on a first-come first-served basis.

Considering the recognition of copyrights and patents at international level are based on international agreements the city-state has signed with other countries, we invite you to contact our specialists in opening companies in Singapore for more information on this subject.