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Start a Textile Manufacturing Business in Singapore

Start a Textile Manufacturing Business in Singapore

One of the oldest branches of the manufacturing industry is the textiles sector which has always been one of the best performant economic branches of the global economy. Asian countries are known for the textile mills and textile manufacturing companies which export products all over the world. However, Singapore stands out as one of the largest producers and imports of luxury clothes and textile materials thanks to the high quality of life of its citizens.

Those who want to set up textile manufacturing businesses in Singapore can benefit from many incentives granted by the government. Below our local company formation agents explain how to set up a textile manufacturing company.

Company formation process of a Singapore textile manufacturing business

Setting up a business in the textile sector in Singapore in 2024 is suitable for both small and large enterprisers. Once they have created the business plan and chosen the location of the company, they can start the Singapore company formation procedure.

This implies having the incorporation documents prepared and filed with the Trade Register. Foreign investors must appoint local agents who carry out the registration process of the textile business with ACRA.

Special requirements for textile manufacturing companies in Singapore in 2024

An important aspect to consider when opening a textile manufacturing company in the city-state is to respect the standards imposed by the Office of Textiles and Apparel. These standards refer to the import procedures of textile materials used to create clothes and the sewing machines.

Our company registration consultants in Singapore can offer more information on the import regulations of textiles.

Standards imposed to textile businesses in Singapore

One of the most important standard which must be respected when opening a textile manufacturing business in Singapore is given by the Consumer Goods Safety Regulations which imposes the following:

  • the products created must respect the ISO safety requirements;
  • the label of the clothes must be in English is these will be exported;
  • the size of the clothes must be marked in accordance with the market they will be exported to.

The Singapore textile market

Textile manufacturing is not one of the most developed industries in Singapore. However, the yarn market is one of its best representatives, as it relies on natural materials like cotton and viscose.  At the level of 2024, there are 9 large manufacturing companies operating in the city-state.

An important part of this sector is represented by apparel clothing shopping in Singapore, which is expected to generate income of 5.7 million USD by 2028. The average revenue per customer expected by 2028 is approximately USD 247 thanks to the high household income Singaporeans have.

For full information on how to open a Singapore textile manufacturing company, please feel free to contact our Singapore company formation team.