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Recycling Companies in Singapore

Recycling Companies in Singapore

Waste management is regulated by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore. The National Environment Agency is also in charge with supplying the licensing regulation for recycling companies in Singapore. In 2012, the National Environment Agency introduced an Uniform Fee (UF) for public waste collection in the attempt to improve the waste management industry and to encourage more companies to participate in recycling actions.

The accreditation scheme for recycled aggregates suppliers in Singapore

The accreditation scheme for recycled aggregates suppliers was developed by the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore (WMRAS) in partnership with the Building and Construction Authority. The accreditation scheme establishes the guidelines for processing recycled waste and also regulates the licensing requirements for Singapore companies in the recycling sector in 2024. The scheme’s main purpose is to enhance the quality and consistency of recycled product through the adoption of the BS EN12620 testing standards. Singapore companies wanting to operate under the scheme for recycled aggregates suppliers are subject to certain eligibility criteria. These conditions are:

  • the company’s financial status,
  • the facilities and equipment used to dispose recycled aggregates,
  • the human resources,
  • the quality assurance,
  • the quality management system.

The companies will also be subject to an audit in order to determine its financial status based on which the certificate will be issued. Singapore recycling companies must also send the recycled products to other accredited laboratories on a periodical basis. Also, there are two types of accreditations:

  • class 1 recyclers meeting the SS EN12620 Specification for Aggregates for Concrete requirements,
  • class 2 recycler for companies recycling aggregates for general use.

For information about how to apply for recycling license under the scheme for recycled aggregates suppliers you may rely on our specialists in company registration matters.

What are the steps to open a recycling company in Singapore in 2024?

The first step when registering a recycling company in Singapore is to find the right premises for the plant. Once the location was found and the Articles of Association prepared, the founder can register the company with the Trade Register in Singapore. After the incorporation of the company is completed, the owner must apply for all the relevant licenses with the Singapore authorities, including the recycling permit.

Why open a recycling company in Singapore in 2024

Setting up a recycling company in Singapore in 2024 has various advantages. One of them is the encouragement of the government towards the population to recycle. From this point view, setting up automated recycling machines in shopping centers can be a good idea.

Considering the government has also implemented the Zero Garbage Masterplan, seeking to lower the transportation of waste to landfills by 30% until 2030 also creates the premises for setting an e-waste management business in the city-state.

If you decide to set up a company in Singapore in order to collect waste, you can rely on our local consultants.

For a faster and simpler incorporation procedure, you may contact our agents specialized in opening companies in Singapore.