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Selling Tobacco Products in Singapore

Selling Tobacco Products in Singapore

In order to sell tobacco products in Singapore one must apply for a license with the Health Products Regulation Group (HPRG) and the Tobacco Regulation Branch (TRB). Tobacco licenses in Singapore are issued separately for each location these products are sold in. For companies registered in Singapore, the company must appoint an individual in the company’s management to apply for the tobacco license. For other types of legal entities, such as sole traders or partnerships, the legal representative registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is recommended to apply for the tobacco license.

The video below shows how to obtain a tobacco license in Singapore:

What are the requirements for an individual applying for a tobacco license in Singapore in 2024?

All individuals applying for a special license for selling tobacco products in Singapore must have at least the legal age of 18. They must also register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Also, an applicant must not have sold tobacco products to minors previous to the application. All applicants must comply with the obligations set out in the Singapore Tobacco Act.

For Singapore restaurants or other eating establishment the tobacco license must be obtained with the category “Eating Establishments” (NEA license) within the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Our specialists in opening companies in Singapore will provide you additional information about tobacco licensing requirements.

What are the required documents when applying for a Singapore tobacco license?

In order to obtain a license for selling tobacco products in Singapore, the following documents must be submitted with the Tobacco Regulation Branch:

  • a rental contract or a property contract,
  • a site plan of the construction site,
  • a letter from the construction company allowing the applicant to sell tobacco products,
  • a letter of authorization for the applicant,
  • for Singapore companies, the business profile from ACRA must also be submitted,
  • the applicant’s national registration identity card or passport for foreign applicants,
  • a NEA license,
  • a NEA smoking corner approval,
  • an outdoor refreshment are approval,
  • pictures of the premises.

Prohibition of selling tobacco products in Singapore

Tobacco can be sold in specific outlets in Singapore. However, the license is available for one shop at a time. Considering this one of the most regulated activities in the city-state, it should be noted that there are also other restrictions that apply, among which:

  • a retailer cannot sell tobacco products in pharmacies, hospitals and education facilities;
  • gaming arcades are not allowed to sell tobacco either;
  • it is also prohibited to sell tobacco near universities.

Failing to comply with the legislation may attract the following fines:

  • a maximum SGD 5,000 fine and the suspension of the license for 6 months for selling tobacco to minor children;
  • the revocation of the license for selling tobacco to children under the age of 12;
  • a maximum fine of SGD 10,000 for repetitive offenses alongside the revocation of the license.

The tobacco license has one-year validity period and may be renewed on a yearly basis. For information about the licensing fees please contact our consultants who can also help you open a company in Singapore in 2024.