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Work Permit in Singapore

Work Permit in Singapore

Singapore as a labor destination

Singapore is one of the most attractive business destinations in Asia currently which is why many foreign investors but also professionals want to live and work here. Not until long ago those wanting to obtain a work permit in Singapore faced quite a lot of bureaucracy. Only recently has Singapore reviewed its legislation regarding foreign citizens wanting to work here. These changes mainly targeted the employment visas that were replaced. Also certain conditions for issuing an employment visa were changed. The authorities have separated non-residents wanting to work in Singapore companies into three categories:

  1. foreign employees with monthly salaries of up to 2,500 S$,
  2. foreign employees with monthly salaries between 2,000 and 3,000 S$,
  3. foreign employees with salaries over 3,000 S$.

Based on these salary considerations, the Singapore authorities will issue a work permit, an S Pass and an Employment Pass. If you are a foreign businessmen with an established business in Singapore and need assistance with payroll or other accountancy matters related to employees, our company formation specialists in Singapore can help you.

The employment pass in Singapore

Foreign citizens wanting to work in a higher position for a company in Singapore must apply for an employment pass (EP). The employment pass is divided into three categories: the P1 employment pass for foreigners with a monthly salary of 8,000 S$, the P2 employment pass for foreigners with a monthly salary of 4,500 S$ and the Q1 employment pass for foreign graduates with a minimum salary of 3,000 S$, but also for expats with experience.

The personalized employment pass in Singapore

Special work permits are available for those wanting to work in Singapore, called personalized employment passes (PEP). Foreigners applying for this type of work permit are required to submit proof that their last salary abroad was at least 18,000 S$, or if they have a P1 employment pass. The personalized employment pass in Singapore has three-year validity. The personalized employment permit is not renewable. Our experts in opening companies in Singapore can give you more details about the employment pass.

Other work permits in Singapore

The S Pass is granted to foreign employees with a monthly salary below 3,000 S$, for young graduates, but also for experienced foreign workers. Foreigners wanting to work in a company in Singapore for a salary of maximum 2,000 S$ must also apply for a work permit. The Singapore authorities also have a Miscellaneous Work Pass scheme that is available for foreigner working for short periods of time in the city. Journalists, reporters and religious workers are allowed to apply for this type of labor permit.

A work permit application takes about 7 working days to be processed. Applicants must also pass a physical examination with a Singapore doctor before receiving their work permits.

For complete information about the employment legislation you can contact our company formation agents. If you want to apply for a work permit you can rely on our Singapore specialists that will guide you throughout the procedure. In case you intend to open a company in Singapore, our team can also assist you in this matter.