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Open a Singapore Business for Selling Coffee, Tea and Spices

Open a Singapore Business for Selling Coffee, Tea and Spices

The food and beverages sector is among the most important industries in the Singapore economy thanks to wide variety customers can find on the market, but also due to the large number of investors in this industry. Moreover, it’s been a while now since Singapore is considered Asia’s Food Capital.

Entrepreneurs who want to open companies in Singapore can start restaurants of food shops of different sizes. Considering Asia is known for the spices markets in all countries, setting up a shop for selling spices, teas and coffee seems like a good idea in Singapore.

Our Singapore company formation agents can guide local and foreign enterprisers who want to open business for selling coffee, tea and spices.

Types of businesses for selling coffee, tea and spices in Singapore

Both local and foreign enterprisers are welcome to open companies for selling coffee, tea and spices in Singapore in 2024. Furthermore, they can choose between the type of establishment they want to set up. Among these, the most popular types of shops in Singapore are:

  • coffee shops for which the investors must choose the right location and obtain certain licenses;
  • small food stalls in large supermarkets or shopping malls where they can sell spices, tea and coffee;
  • regular shops where they can sell these products along others;
  • stalls in the spices markets in all important regions in Singapore, which are visited by thousands of tourists a day.

Our company formation specialists in Singapore can help foreign investors who want to open this type of business in the city-state.

Registration and licensing of Singapore shops selling coffee, tea and spices in 2024

No matter the type of business one decides for, he or she must have a legal form under which the sale of coffee, tea and spices is allowed. For this the limited liability company or the sole proprietorship are the most suitable.

Then, the following licenses must be obtained depending on the chosen business form:

  1. a food shop license is necessary for all types of businesses;
  2. an import license is necessary if all or some of the products are imported;
  3. a Halal establishment permit is necessary if other products are sold in the shop;
  4. an entertainment license is required if the business owner decides to set up a coffee shop.

Projections for coffee and tea shops in Singapore

Singaporeans love coffee and tea, according to recent data that shows the value of these goods reached more than USD 200 million in 2023. Even better, the future of such businesses looks better, as by 2025, the sale of coffee and tea is expected to grow by 1%. The tea market alone is expected to grow by 1.4% by 2028.

According to Euromonitor, this sector thrives as several international coffee chains have entered the Asian market, setting up shops in Singapore.

With respect to spices, this is one of the most important sectors of the food industry in Singapore, as its value is expected to reach USD 44.99 million by the end of 2024, with salt as a leading product.

For assistance in setting up a business for selling coffee, tea and spices in Singapore, please contact our experts in company formation in Singapore.