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Establish an Interior Design Company in Singapore

Establish an Interior Design Company in Singapore

Local and foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in Singapore have plenty of industries to choose from. From the manufacturing industry which requires several licenses and permits to the less restrictive ones from a licensing point of view, investors can be successful in any business field. Those who want to work in a creative industry can set up various types of businesses, one of the most prolific ones being the sector of interior design.

If you want to open an interior design company in Singapore, our Singapore company formation consultants will guide you through the registration process of the business.

We have also prepared a video on how to set up an interior design business in Singapore:

Singapore company formation steps for an interior design business

The first step to set up an interior design company in Singapore is planning. Considering this niche is quite popular in Singapore, having a solid business plan and choosing the right structure for the company is essential.

Entrepreneurs who want to start businesses in the creative industry can choose one of the following types of structures for their companies:

  • – the sole proprietorship if they plan to set up a one-man small business;
  • – the limited liability company, which is the most employed business form in the city-state.

Our company formation agents in Singapore can assist with the incorporation procedure of the chosen type of company.

Does a Singapore interior design company need any licenses?

If the company will only be involved in decorating or re-decorating, it will not need any special licenses. In case its activities will involve any construction work, it will need authorization from the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority.

Services offered by interior design companies in Singapore

Those who want to establish interior design businesses in Singapore can offer the following services:

  • – consultancy services related to decorating and redecorating residential properties;
  • – consultancy services related to the design of industrial spaces in Singapore;
  • – restoration and preservation services for both industrial and residential buildings;
  • – services related to the creation of interior design decorations and their sale.

As a tip, promoting an interior design company through a website will increase the number of clients.

For assistance in opening an interior design company, please contact our company formation consultants in Singapore.