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The Intellectual Property Office in Singapore

The Intellectual Property Office in Singapore

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is the main regulatory authority in matters of intellectual property matters. Moreover, IPOS is part of the Singapore Ministry of Law and among its attributions are the administration and promotion of intellectual property (IP) laws and finding new ways of developing IP in the city-state. Recently, the Singapore Intellectual Property Office was appointed an International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority under the World Intellectual Property Organization. The creation of the Intellectual Property Office in the city-state is based on the IPOS Act of 2001.

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The responsibilities of the Singapore Intellectual Property Office

The Intellectual Property Office in Singapore is divided into several departments, each responsible for certain sections. IPOS has four main sections:

  • – one for individuals;
  • – one for companies;
  • – one for students,
  • – the last one for general public.

One of the most important roles of the Intellectual Property Office is to maintain updated the laws related to intellectual property rights. The main laws related to intellectual property in Singapore are:

  • – the Patents Act;
  • – the Trade Marks Act;
  • – the Registered Design Act;
  • – the Copyright Act;
  • – the Plant Varieties Protection Act;
  • – the Geographical Indications Act;
  • – the Designs of Integrated Circuits Act.

Singapore has currently one of the strongest IP legislations in the world, which is why of IPOS’ main attributions was to conclude special free trade agreements related to intellectual property rights with several countries among which India, the United States and the European Free Trade Association. Singapore has also included special tax rates related to income derived from IP rights in most of its double taxation treaties.

IP registration in Singapore

The Singapore Intellectual Property Office receives a large number of IP registration applications on a yearly basis. The most common applications refer to copyright, trademark and patent registration, as the research and development and innovation industries have become quite successful in the city-state and many companies seek protection for their inventions.

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