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Set Up a Cleaning Company in Singapore

Set Up a Cleaning Company in Singapore

The cleaning industry is considered one of the most important branches of the environmental sector in Singapore, as the government is keen on maintaining a healthy and safe environment. The city-state is one of the greenest cities in the region which ensures its citizens are offered good living conditions. This is also how the Singapore cleaning industry has become a good business opportunity for investors.

If you want to set up a cleaning business in the Lion City, our Singapore company formation consultants can explain the requirements for doing so.

How to register a cleaning company in Singapore

In order to establish a company in the cleaning sector in Singapore in 2024, one must first choose the type of structure for of the business. This is because it can be set up as a small or a larger company, as a sole proprietorship, respectively as a limited liability company. This will depend of the services the Singapore cleaning company will offer, which must also be determined.

Then, the Singapore company formation process can take place. However, an enterpriser seeking to open a cleaning company in Singapore must know that the National Environmental Agency (NEA) imposes certain rules on this type of business.

You can rely on our company registration experts if you want to open a company in Singapore.

Licensing regulations for cleaning businesses in Singapore

As mentioned above, there are certain regulations a Singapore cleaning company must comply with in 2024. According to the NEA, these must:

  • obtain a cleaning business license;
  • provide specific training to their employees;
  • submit a progressive salaries plan with the NEA.

In the case of existing companies, these must have had contracts for at least one year since they commenced the activities. In the case of newly formed companies, these must have at least one employee. Cleaning companies in Singapore must also pay a licensing fee with the NEA.

The business cleaning license is issued for a period of one year and can be renewed.

The cleaning market in Singapore

In most cases, cleaning companies address apartments and houses owned by the Housing Development Board in Singapore. Considering that by the end of the year, the number of such properties is expected to reach 1,195,026 units, it also implies good projections for adjacent industries, such as the cleaning one.


  • the number of cleaning companies is more than 1, 200;
  • this sector is expected to reach a total revenue of USD 2.812 million by the end of 2024;
  • between 2020 and 2024, the industry has registered an annual growth of approximately 7%.

If you are interested in starting a business in the cleaning industry and need more information on the requirements, please contact our consultants in company formation in Singapore. We can assist you with the company registration process in this city-state.