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Opening a Media Company in Singapore

Opening a Media Company in Singapore

Media legislation in Singapore

In order to set up a media company, one must comply with the Singapore media legislation designed by the Media Development Authority. The Singapore Media Development Authority has enabled a comprehensive legislation covering all aspects of the media. Among these are:

  • – the Media Development Authority of Singapore Act,
  • – the Broadcasting Act,
  • – the Films Act,
  • – the Newspaper and Printing Press Act,
  • – the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act,
  • – the Undesirable Publication Act.

The Media Development Authority has also enables a code of practice for media companies in Singapore.

The video below was created by our experts in company formation in Singapore and shows you how to open a company in Singapore as a media company:

Content standard and classification in Singapore media companies

The Media Development Authority has drafted a content standard and classification code for Singapore media companies in order to enable customers to select the type of content they want to see or listen to. During the classification, the content is verified and then classified according to the type of material the media company will broadcast. The classification ratings for Singapore companies broadcasting media materials are:

  • – general,
  • – advisory,
  • – advisory16,
  • – R18.

For information about the classification of content for other art groups you may ask our specialists in company registration matters.

Types of licenses for Singapore media companies – listed by our experts in opening companies in Singapore

The registration procedure for media companies is generally the same as with any other type of company and may be performed by our Singapore experts. However, being a specific industry, certain licenses must be obtained before starting to operate a media company in Singapore. The following licenses are available for Singapore media companies:

  • – broadcast TV license,
  • – film distribution license,
  • – film exhibition license,
  • – internet service and content provider class license,
  • – a newspaper permit and printing press license for printing companies in Singapore,
  • – subscription international television service license,
  • – TV receive-only system license,
  • – radio and TV license,
  • – DTV label mark usage license.

Singapore online companies are also required to obtain an online services license from the Media Development Authority.

For complete details about the requirements when applying for a media license please contact our consultants in company formation in Singapore.