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Top Locations for Renting Office Space in Singapore

Foreign investors who start businesses in Singapore must complete several steps before actually having an up-and-running company. One of these steps is having a local address, as requested by the Singapore Company Law. They have two options in this case: to buy or to rent office space. Most of them will choose to rent office space in Singapore in order to start their companies.

Below, our Singapore company formation agents present you the top 5 locations for renting office space in the city-state.

Please watch our video on the top locations for renting office space in Singapore:

1. North Bridge Road

North Bridge Road is one of the most popular location for companies and enterprisers seeking to rent office in Singapore. The great infrastructure which offers several means of transportation there and the services offered by the business center here, are some of the most important attributes of North Bridge Road. Here, companies can find individual office space, but also the newest concept of co-working spaces.

2. The Raffles Place Offices in Singapore

Raffles Place is another popular office rental location in Singapore because of its central location. Here, Singapore companies can benefit from some of the best features of premium buildings. Among the services one can take advantage of here are virtual offices. You can rely on our company formation consultants in Singapore for virtual offices services.

3. Beach Road Business Center in Singapore

Beach Road is located in the heart of Singapore and it is one of the newest business centers in the city-state. Beach Road is attractive for the new buildings constructed here in the last few years. Also, this location offers a wide variety of rental offices, as the occupation rate is still in the early stages. It could be said that Beach Road encompasses several business centers in one district.

4. The Orchard Business Center

Among the top locations for renting office space in Singapore, there is also Orchard, one of the most renowned business center in the city-state. Surrounded by shopping malls, Orchard is the perfect location for companies seeking to have offices in a booming area.

5. Marina Bay

Marina Bay is the best-known business center in Singapore. It is also among the most expensive, however, the rent here depends on various aspects, such as the floor, the equipment and the size of the space. Apart from these, Marina Bay Singapore offers the most beautiful view in the city.

How to choose the best office for rent – a guide offered by our experts in company formation in Singapore

It suffices to say that each business center is “tailored” for certain types of activities, as you will read below:

North Bridge Road

Is most suitable for companies operating in the manufacturing and services industries.

Raffles Place

Is one of the best financial districts in Singapore, therefore banks, insurance and brokerage companies are best represented here.

Beach Road

Is one of the best locations for companies in the tourism and retail industries in Singapore.


Is the perfect location for startup companies, however it also caters to the needs of companies in the entertainment industry.

Marina Bay

Is home to the IT industry in Singapore, but companies in the services and retail sectors are also welcome here

If you want to set up a company in this city-state, please contact our specialists in company formation in Singapore.