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How to Create a Distinctive Trademark in Singapore

How to Create a Distinctive Trademark in Singapore

As the innovation industry has developed a lot in the last several years, the number of Singapore companies applying for trademark registration with the Intellectual Property Office has also risen. Trademarks, patents and copyrights are very important for a business as it is the main of recognizing the value of their work and to distinguish it among others. It is very important to have a distinctive trademark which can add more value to the company and which in a few years can transform the business into a brand. Our specialists who are experienced in helping investors open companies in Singapore can advise you when creating a distinctive trademark for your company.

How to have distinctive trademark in Singapore

According to the intellectual property legislation, a trademark can be made up of a single letter, number or sign, or it can be more complex and contain all three elements or a combination of any of them. However, the trademark must be unique, which will also make it distinctive from other trademarks. Nowadays, the law has evolved which is why Singapore companies registering trademarks can also choose various colors and even 3D designs in order to have their goods or services represented.

Trademarks registered in Singapore will be recognized in the city-state alone, however Singapore is a signatory member of the Madrid Convention which allows one to apply for an international trademark registration directly through the Singapore Trademark Office.

Registering a trademark in Singapore

In order to register a distinctive trademark, one must file an application with the Trademark Office in Singapore. Unlike other countries, Singapore does not require the applicant to submit evidence on the uniqueness of the trademark before the application, which is a great advantage. However, it is advisable to verify in any other similar trademark was previously registered. This is a guarantee on the distinctiveness and uniqueness of one’s trademark. If you want to register a trademark in Singapore it is advisable to request the help of an experienced team of company formation experts in Singapore. They can also give you details on how to open a company in Singapore and can handle the entire process.

The following documents are required when registering a trademark in Singapore:

  • – a prescribed application form;
  • – the name and address;
  • – a description of the trademark;
  • – the list with the goods or services to be represented by the trademark;
  • – a statement on the use of the trademark.

A fee must also be paid upon the registration.

For assistance with the trademark registration procedure, do not hesitate to contact our company formation agents in Singapore.