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Opening an Electronics Company in Singapore

Opening an Electronics Company in Singapore

The electronics industry is the most representative industry in the Singapore manufacturing sector, as most electronic devices entering the European and Western markets are designed and assembled in the city-state. The electronics industry in Singapore accounts for over 5% of the city-state’s Gross Domestic Product. The electronics industry also accounts for approximately 20% of the total manufacturing jobs in Singapore.

Foreign investors may set up different types of companies if they want to sell electronics in Singapore in 2024. During the last years, online companies selling electronic products have developed a lot in Singapore.

Are there any special requirements to sell electronics in Singapore?

There are no special requirements for selling electronic products in Singapore. One may set up a company, obtain all the approvals from the relevant authorities, and start selling their products. Depending on the type of electronics one wants to sell, approval must be obtained from the Infocommunications Development Authority in Singapore. Also, if the products are imported, the company must register with the Singapore Customs. Companies selling electronic products must also abide by the Domestic Sale of Goods Act within the Singapore Commercial Law.

Our specialists in company formation in Singapore will provide you with all the relevant information for opening an electronics shop.

Setting up an electronics company in Singapore in 2024

The registration procedure for electronics companies in Singapore is the same as for any other type of company. The first step to open a company in Singapore in this field is to prepare all the required documents for incorporation. Once the registration procedure is completed, the company must be registered with Singapore Customs if it will import or export its products. It is also important to know that all electronic products are required to meet the Consumer Product Safety and Weights and Measures. All the products must bear the Safety Mark that identifies all the registered controlled goods that meet the safety standards issued by the Consumer Protection Registration Scheme.

Singapore, a world leader in electronics production

Singapore is one of the most advanced states in the world when it comes to electronics production. Home to 8 of 10 largest semiconductor, and 2 of the 3 wafer foundries worldwide, it is safe to say the city-state is a leader in this industry.

Manufacturing and sale of electronics is one of the largest contributors to the Singapore economy with 8% of its Gross Domestic Product. By the end of 2024, the sale of consumer electronics is expected to reach USD 2.7 billion. This sector also has one of the highest employment rates with 67,000 workers.

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