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Industrial Parks in Singapore

Industrial Parks in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most important trading hubs in Asia-Pacific because it can connect foreign companies doing business in regions with important markets like China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and so on. The Government has tried to assist foreign investors on a continuous basis for several years now and it has managed to create industrial parks around different of the Republic in order to accommodate Singapore companies based on their activities. This is why Singapore industrial parks are located in residential areas like Tampines, Jurong or Bedok from where they offer their services across the region.

If you want to open a company in Singapore, you can rely on our company formation experts. With a vast experience in business registration, our local consultants in Singapore can help foreign investors with the incorporation of various types of companies in the city-state.

What are the main industrial parks in Singapore?

Singapore has 6 large industrial parks spread across the Republic. However, with the aim of assisting foreign companies, several developers in Singapore have also established overseas industrial parks which cater to companies distributing products in the region via the city-state. Our company registration agents in Singapore can offer information about the advantages of starting a business in an industrial park.

Singapore’s industrial parks are:

  • – the Airport Logistics Park;
  • – the Changi Business Park;
  • – the International Business Park;
  • – the Seletar Aerospace Park;
  • – the Singapore Science Park;
  • – the Tuas Medical Park.

As seen above, Singapore industrial parks are named in accordance with the industry they serve. If you want to open a Singapore company in any of the above mentioned industrial parks, you can ask for the services of our company registration agents.

A short overview of Singapore’s industrial parks

The Airport Logistics Park and the Changi Business Park are located near the Changi Airport in Singapore and are dedicated to companies operating in the air transportation industry. The Airport Logistics Park is also a Singapore free zone. The Changi Business Park and the International Business Park are located in Jurong, respectively Jurong East and are dedicated to companies operating in the IT and high-tech industries. Our Singapore company formation agents can assist with the registration of a company in one of these industrial parks.

The Seletar Aerospace Park is located in Seletar near the airport with the same name and is dedicated to companies in the aerospace industry, while the Singapore Science Park is located in the core of the city-state and is the largest research and development business park in the Republic.

The Tuas Medical Park is dedicated to the biomedical development and manufacturing industry and is located in Western Singapore. We are at your service if you want to set up a company in Singapore or open a branch office.

The Airport Logistics Park in Singapore

Located in near the Changi Airport and created to cater to the needs of companies operating in the free zone located in the same area, the Airports Logistics Park was opened in 2003. It was also the first Singapore industrial park to have a free zone status. Among the facilities offered to those interested in operating in this industrial park, we mention the following:

  • – management solutions developed to cater to large transportation companies located here;
  • – a great infrastructure created to support the transportation of large quantities of goods;
  • – good connectivity to the airport, but also to other points of interest in Singapore;
  • – many cost and tax incentives and exemptions granted to companies here thanks to the free zone status of the industrial park.

Those who want to open a company in Singapore and decide for the Airport Logistics Park can rely on our local agents for support in registering their businesses here.

The Singapore Changi Business Park

The Changi Business Park is one of the largest of its kind in the world with a capacity of handling close to 2 million tons of cargo annually.

Changi Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world which is why the Changi Business Park was built around it. Among the facilities offered here, are:

  • – the free zone around the industrial park spreads on more than 70 hectares, which makes one of the industrial parks and free zones in Singapore;
  • – it offers one of the greatest storage and handling spaces – over 3 million tons per year;
  • – it also offers more than 100,000 sqm of warehousing facilities and office space for companies;
  • – in the bay area, the industrial park has 14 parking spaces for freight vessels.

Customs operations in the Changi Airport Business Park are available 24/7. At the moment, the Changi Airport Business Park is the largest industrial park in Singapore.

The International Business Park in Singapore

The oldest industrial park in Singapore, the International Business Park was established in 1992 and has undergone a continuous development ever since. Now, the International Business Park is one of the most important research and development centers in Singapore. Among the facilities offered in this Singapore industrial park is the free allotment of land for companies interested in building facilities here.

Located in Jurong, this industrial park caters to the needs of innovative but also manufacturing companies operating in Jurong and Tuas. Also, the International Business Park is currently undergoing a new construction phase which will lead to the appearance of the Jurong Lake District meant to become one of the most important commercial and retail hubs in the city-state. The Singapore industrial park is also expected to have a high-speed railway which will connect it to Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.

Some of the largest multinational companies in the IT sector in the world operate from the International Business Park at the moment. In case you are interestd in setting up a company in Singapore in this business park, our incorporation agents are ready to assist you.

The Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore

Located near the Seletar Airport, this Singapore industrial park is dedicated to aerospace activities, being the only industrial zone dedicated to this industry. The Seletar Aerospace Park spread over 320 hectares and was created in order to cater to the needs of aerospace companies by offering them repair, overhaul and maintenance services to companies owning aircrafts. It also offers aircraft engine and components assembly services, as well as the possibility of hosting training and research and development activities in the aviation sector.

If you want to open a company in Singapore and you are considering the aviation sector, the Seletar Aerospace Park is one of the most important hubs for such operations.

The Singapore Science Park

The Singapore Science Park is one of the most modern industrial zones dedicated to research and development activities and innovation in Asia. At the moment this industrial zone is made of Singapore Science Park 1 and Singapore Science Park 2 which offer outstanding facilities for companies operating here.

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The Tuas Medical Park in Singapore

The Tuas Biomedical Park is one of the most modern industrial parks in Singapore which caters to the needs of pharmaceutical companies. Large biotechnology and medical technology companies operate here and benefit from qualified personnel, logistics support for air and sea transportation and great manufacturing possibilities.

If you want to open a company in Singapore in any industry, please contact our local company formation consultants. We specialize in offering customized company formation services in Singapore.