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Virtual Office in Singapore

Virtual Office in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most appealing business destinations in Southeast Asia as many investors from all over the world choose it to open companies in. In order to domiciliate their companies here, however, they need local addresses.

Quick Facts
Address availability (YES/NO)


Local phone number (YES/NO)


Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)

Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO)


Meeting room availability (YES/NO) YES (prior reservation required)
Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)


Employee required

Possible, but not mandatory

Availability of other services Yes, bank statement, message, traditional correspondence collection and forwarding
Minimum rental period 1 month
Advantages Flexibility, easy to obtain, personalized options, cheaper alternative to traditional rent
Applicability of specific laws (YES/NO) No, there are no specific laws.

Availability for foreign companies (YES/NO)

Yes, foreign companies can use virtual offices in Singapore.

Availability for natural persons (YES/NO)

Yes, natural persons can use such a service when setting up a company in Singapore.

Cost per service (approx.) The cost depends on the facilities and contract period.
Maximum duration of the contract

One year

Internet connection availability (YES/NO)


Taxes imposed on virtual office services (if any)

No, there are no taxes imposed on such a service.

Limitations of virtual office services

The virtual office can be used for specific purposes, such as a registered address and contact point.

Usage of virtual office as a co-working space


Possibility to amend the service contract (YES/NO) Yes, the contract can be amended in accordance with the clients’ needs.

The fastest way of obtaining a legal address for a company is to acquire a virtual office in Singapore. This is a service that can be employed by both local and foreign investors for various purposes.

Below, our company formation experts in Singapore explain the main requirements and benefits of obtaining a virtual office in the city-state and you can benefit the most from this flexible solution.

Why opt for a virtual office in Singapore?

Foreign investors choose to purchase virtual offices in Singapore in order to benefit from competitive services at low expenses.

Our consultants in opening companies in Singapore are ready to provide you with complete virtual office services according to your needs and requests. Our specialists in company incorporation can also offer company registration services. If you are a foreigner, you might not be familiar with Singapore’s laws. You are encouraged to engage company formation specialists who can assist with the complete business registration procedure and also give services like nominated director and registered address in order to save the burden of learning every step of the process yourself. Feel free to address our agent for support in setting up a company in Singapore.

You can contact us for details about our virtual office services in Singapore.

Virtual office packages in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, a Singapore virtual office is a service dedicated to those who need a quick and reliable solution when in need of an address in the city-state. This service comes as a package which often includes the following:

  1. an address in prestigious business centers in Singapore, which is the main purpose of this service;
  2. a local phone number, that can be completed by voice mail and fax services;
  3. high-speed internet connection which is at the core of any business in the world;
  4. mail collection which is one of the most sought services by busy persons (forwarding services are also included);
  5. bank statement collection is also available at the request of the client;
  6. meeting rooms can also be booked for appointments (prior reservation is required).

The virtual office is based on a services contract which is why it is a safe option for those who do not want to rent office space in Singapore, for example.

This service is usually offered by specialized and well-reputed providers. Our company registration consultants in Singapore can put you in contact with them. If you want to acquire a virtual office in Singapore, our agents are at your service. In case you need this type of service in India, we recommend our partners who are experts in company formation mattersIndiaCompanyFormation.com.

The main uses of a Singapore virtual office

A Singapore virtual office can be used for multiple purposes, and it is a great temporary solution to the traditional rent which is also more expensive. Among its uses, we can mention the following:

  • – as a legal address during the company incorporation procedure (we remind investors that this is a temporary solution);
  • – as a business address that facilitates communication between the user and clients;
  • – as a contact point for business associates of the user;
  • – as a business address for sole traders who want to be easy to reach and keep their professional image.

The main advantage of a virtual office in Singapore is that it is usually located in a business center which is easy to find and helps maintain a good reputation.

Our consultants can provide a wide range of services, including support in company liquidation in Singapore.

The virtual office as a legal address for company formation in Singapore

Setting up a business in Singapore implies meeting specific requirements and having a legal address for the company is one of the most important and one of the first aspects to handle as finding a suitable location can be difficult even in a large city like this. Even if there are some top locations to rent in Singapore, these are also quite expensive, which is why small business owners are usually interested in places that are cheaper to rent. However, there is an alternative to rentals, that is the virtual office.

The Singapore virtual office is a service which even if implies an office space it is a cost-efficient solution for the user as it does not imply any maintenance cost on the buyer. On the other hand, the place cannot be used to carry out day-to-day operations as from a traditional office.

The virtual office implies having an employee, or better said, can come with a virtual assistant who will complete secretary work such as answering the phone and receiving correspondence. However, this is an option that can be included in the purchase package.

As mentioned above, the virtual office can be used as a legal address when creating a company in Singapore, as it implies a physical address and the only document to submit with ACRA is the contract.

The virtual office is for temporary use, which is why after registering the company, the business owner will need to find other premises from where the actual activities of the firm will be conducted. Even so, this service can be maintained as a contact point, if desired.

If you are interested in obtaining a virtual office as a first-time entrepreneur in the city-state, there’s nothing easier than this: simply get in touch with our Singapore company formation officers and ask for assistance. We are at your service with the latest and most advanced services available here.

Using a Singapore virtual office as a contact point

As mentioned earlier, a virtual office has multiple uses, as it is a versatile service available for companies and single entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of what technology combined with the virtual world have to offer.

The Singapore virtual office is a great option for those who have business contacts, associates, or clients in the city-state and need an address where they can receive or send mail to/from. The service can be purchased for a short or long period, depending on the need of buyer.

For sole traders, the virtual office is a good solution when they need to have a notable address for their clients. As most offices are located in reputable business centers, they are easy to find and so they offer prestige at very low costs.

If you are in need of a virtual office, there are plenty of options available at different rates. Our company registration agents in Singapore are at your service for guidance in making the appropriate choice.

Communication services in Singapore

Our company formation agents in Singapore can provide a wide range of communication services starting with simple local phone numbers and answering services to more complex voicemail and call redirection services. We can take messages from our clients’ business partners and customers and redirect them to the provided mail address or phone number, as desired. Fax numbers are also available for clients requesting fax services. The voicemail services provided in a virtual office allow the storage and conversion of voice messages into e-mails for a simpler and more precise communication.

Obtaining a Singapore virtual office address is not difficult and you can rely on our specialists for tailored assistance.

You can read about the advantages of a Singapore virtual office in the scheme below:

Space services in Singapore virtual offices

Investors have the possibility to choose among the most renowned business centers in Singapore to set up their virtual offices. Due to the city’s technological development, clients can benefit from modern conference rooms equipped with high-speed Internet connection and last generation calling and video calling equipment. Foreign investors have the possibility to use this service as a registered office in order to open their company in Singapore and this way they will receive all the correspondence to the virtual office and from there we will make sure it will be delivered to the specified address. On demand, we can also collect and send our clients their bank statements.

We can help you choose the location of your virtual office in Singapore.

What are the advantages of a Singapore virtual office address?

One of the major benefits of opting for a Singapore virtual office address instead of a classic office in the city-state is the minimum investment that such an office requires. Nowadays foreign investors can opt not to hire any personnel and still benefit from professional services within a virtual office. They can also choose the business center they want to have their registered address at without worrying about the money they usually must invest in a classic office space.

If you have any questions on the virtual office in Singapore, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries.

The video below shows the main advantages of having a virtual office in the city:

Our specialists in company formation in the city-state are at your disposal with information on the main uses of a virtual office in Singapore.

The virtual office in Singapore vs. rentals and leases

As you already know, obtaining an address in Singapore is possible through several means among which rental and lease are the most popular options when it comes to commercial spaces. However, the virtual office in Singapore has become a go-to solution in the past few years for several reasons. The most important is the price, which is significantly lower compared to a traditional rent, especially when considering Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Then, there is also the fact that the virtual office is a service which relies on a contract that can contain the exact requirements of the client. One can simply choose the facilities associated to it, can decide the period he or she wants to use it for and does not need to hire employees in order to complete the usual tasks that come with having a business location.

The virtual office is by far more flexible and cheaper compared to a traditional rent. However, we remind you that if you want to use it to open a company in Singapore, this is possible for a limited period only.

How to obtain a virtual office

Buying a virtual office nowadays has never been easier. No matter if you are in Singapore or abroad, all you need to do is select the package you are interested in, put a request, and sign the purchase contract. Everything can be completed via email, so that you need to travel unless you want to.

The contract will be personalized with the services you want and can be signed for the period you are interested in using it. What you should note is that the longer the term of the contract, the better the price. The cost of the service is also influenced by the location and the facilities accompanying it.

As a general rule, you can tailor the contract to your needs, however, there are also options you can add later, if this option suits your interests. Moreover, you don’t have to be physically present in Singapore if you don’t need to travel, especially in times where travelling is not possible.

If you are still considering whether the Singapore virtual office address is the right choice for you or not, you can send all your questions to our local representatives who can answer them. We can also make various proposals based on your requests.

How much does it cost to buy a virtual office in Singapore?

The Singapore virtual office address is the cheapest alternative to renting office space, as prices start from around 60 SGD per month and can go up to 300 SGD depending on its location and facilities. By comparison, renting a traditional space to work costs between 2,000 and 3,000 SGD per month.

If you are interested in any of the two options, you can rely on our specialists who can help you find a suitable location to work from, according to your needs and requests.

Singapore’s economy in numbers

Singapore is one of the most prolific states in the world, as according to this report:

  • – in 2020, it was the 16th largest importer and 15th largest exporter in the world;
  • – the volume of exports is expected to grow by 5.6% by the end of 2021, after the Covid-19 crisis;
  • – imports are also expected to increase by 4.6% in 2021;
  • – the city-state’s economy is expected to recover this year by registering a 5.2% increase;
  • – its economy is expected to stabilize in 2022, with an increase of 3.2%.

Our specialists in company formation matters can also provide you with all the details on how to open a company in Singapore.